Writing Projects: Four Horseman Anthology

cartwrights.jpgI‘m pleased to announce J.R. Handley and I were invited to brainmerge and toss together a short story in the Four Horseman universe. If you are into science fiction stories where people jump into robots and lay waste to enemies, the Four Horseman series might be something you want to check out. First, a word from our sponsors.

Mark Wandrey wrote Cartwright’s Cavaliers (Book 1) and Chris Kennedy wrote Asbaran Solutions (Book 2). After I had finishing finger smacking my Kindle reading through Cartwright’s Cavaliers, I quickly sacrificed money to the Amazon gods to snag Asbaran Solutions. While I haven’t payed homage to the muse and read book two, I have high hopes after Mark’s offering.

asbaran solutions.jpgWhy am I even talking about these books? Well, they are fun reads for one. And two, these books set the stage for the Four Horseman universe. For those of you who cringe when you hear things like: Revelations, Four Horseman. It’ll be okay. It’s not really a religious thing (if that even bothers you), it’s just an awesome sauce title for four mercenary companies who punch aliens with robot fists and drink the occasional Coca-Cola.

If my intelligence collection information is correct, we can expect two short story anthologies being produced in this universe: A Fistfull of Credits and For a Few Credits More. You have to hand it to Chris and Mark, what better way to get people excited about the universe than pointing a sword to the sky and screaming, “Science fiction authors…ASSEMBLE!”  Scanning the list of confirmed heavy-hitting authors writing in the anthology, it’s pretty clear to me that when those two bellow a rallying cry, people listen.

anthology summoning.jpgIn the Corey and  J.R. universe (here on Earth), we got together, ate a bunch of lasagna, went up to my office, and started throwing ideas up on the whiteboard. The sheer power of the collective nonsense spawned a series of inexplicable weather conditions to break out on the other side of the planet, but it was worth the destruction. An idea formed into a plot, then the plot into a story. There will be bounty hunting shenanigans, but that’s a teaser for another day.

That’s the update. I’ll keep feeding you all information as it comes. If you would like to learn more about Chris and the Four Horseman universe, click here to go to his website. I know he offers a newsletter via his website, but you can also stalk him on Facebook for more frequent updates.

Author Page Sign Out.jpg

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  2. Let the shenanigans ensue! And my compliments to the chef! In a rumble of epic proportions against my battle with the bulge, she won the day. My diet lost to the savory smells and delightful tastes she concocted in her demons lair!

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    • Thanks bud. I wouldn’t be in the writing game if it wasn’t for you. Us Navy folk have to band together (especially when your co-writer is an Army guy). Fun fact, Chris Kennedy is a retired naval aviator. Much like you, he still trains active duty military folks and finds time to write and run a publishing house. Small world!

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