Moved in: Hello Virginia

I feel like I have split personality disorder reblogging my own content, but hey, that was the point of splitting the editing and writing halves of my job up. Here’s a life update.

Quintessential Editor

home-sweet-home-1456862578eiX.jpgAt long last I have moved into the new house and am sinking back into a normal schedule. *maniacal laughter* This is my fifth or sixth military move, and let me tell you, this one was a kick in the poop shoot.

Regardless, the house is now painted, baby-proofed, and mostly unpacked. I felt bad for the garbage collectors because I had a mountain of broken down cardboard boxes and packing paper stacked into the stratosphere in front of the driveway.

Other technical difficulties included: transitioning my business to a new state, building a companion author page to this one (located here), going 2,000 pounds over the weight limit for household goods (whoops), and attempting/succeeding to move a 200 pound desk and other miscellaneous furniture up a flight of stairs…two story houses are the worst.

study.jpg My new home office—where the magic (insanity) happens.

I wrote a…

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  1. All the credit goes to my lovely bride, I’d have just thrown a log of Redman at you and called it a welcome. Hey, Virginia, tobacco… it works! Luckily she is WAY more refined than I! Also, you made a lot of progress from where it was just this past Saturday. Well done sir, well done!

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